Therapy Services, Fees & Forms

Therapy Services, Fees & Forms

Therapy Services

I provide psychotherapeutic treatment for adult individuals and couples of all genders. My fundamental belief about people is that they are immensely resilient, and have the potential to grow, change, and become vastly more intimate in their lives. Research shows that what people report mattered to them at the end of their lives was the quality and closeness of their relationships - thus I focus on areas of expanding intimacy and connection in my patients' lives. 

During your first session or two we will be determining therapeutic fit. I will be assessing your needs, symptoms and therapeutic goals and either arrive at a place where I believe I can be helpful to you or offer you a referral. It's my ethical commitment to honor your time and investment to therapy, and therefore I would refer you if I believe a therapist with a different training background or therapeutic approach would suit your needs best.

Individual, Couples & Sex Therapy

50 minute session: $200.00

80 minute session: $320.00

100 minute session: $400.00

Dialogue Engagement Outside of Session: Pro-rated

Fees, Insurance & Cancellations

  • My full fee is due at the beginning of each session, payable by check, cash or credit card. If you choose to use your credit card, a 3.75% fee will be added to the session fee, as the credit card company assesses these fee. I do not receive any portion of this service charge.

  • I am an out of network provider, meaning I am not paneled with insurance companies. I can provide you a billing statement for you to submit to your insurance company directly although you may or may not be entitled to a reimbursement for any portion of my treatment fees. You will need to discuss reimbursement with your insurance company and may want to do so ahead of beginning treatment with me. Couples counseling is generally not covered.

  • I have a 48 hour advance notice policy for cancellations. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice before your session time you will be charged the full fee for the session.


Prior to your first session, please complete the following New Patient Forms and bring them with you. If you are unable to complete them beforehand, they can be completed during your first session. 


  1. NEW PATIENT PACKET (Couples should each fill out their own set of forms.)

  2. RELEASE OF INFORMATION** (Include an emergency contact and if you have an individual therapist or psychiatrist.)

  3. COUPLES SUPPLEMENT (Couples will need to fill out two sets of these.)

** You may provide an emergency contact on the Release of Information form and include any other healthcare professionals with whom you are working (or have worked) for me to contact, with your consent, if it seems likely that a consult with them will provide a more beneficial therapy outcome for you (i.e. psychiatrist, former counselor, primary care physician).