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(CLICK) Embodiment Exercise (Day 3)

Embodiment Exercise to Integrate Emotional & Physical Pleasure (Day 3): Connected to you Heart, Connected to your Body

Lie on your backs next to each other. Hold hands and close your eyes. Place your other hand on your abdomen and feel your breath for several minutes. Move the hand on your abdomen down and gently cover your genitals. Breathe slowly for several more minutes.

Let go of your partner's hand and place your hand over your heart. Feel the connection between your heart and hand. After a minute allow that connection to move between your two hands - from your heart to your genitals and back. Breathe slowly and deeply. Relax for a few minutes more.

End by smiling while feeling connected to yourself. Allow yourself to feel the pleasure of being alive and connected in your body.

Jamie Abenroth