AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Sex Therapy with an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

I work psychotherapeutically with adults of all ages (as sexual health and sensual well-being are important throughout a person’s lifespan), individuals and couples of all genders, and am sex-positive (affirming desired, consensual, non-coercive experiences), and am LGBTQ affirming.

SEX THERAPY can help you as an individual or a couple:

  • address disconnected, dissatisfying sex

  • address the difficulties you are having with intimacy

  • increase your sexual desire

  • understand and work to change sexual dysfunction

    • low desire, lubrication issues, orgasm difficulty, pelvic pain

    • pre-mature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile difficulties

  • address sexual desire discrepancy between you and your partner

  • address intimacy desire discrepancy between you and your partner

  • understand and change sexual boredom

  • increase your individual sexual agency

  • explore your eroticism (what makes you feel alive)

  • learn to express your eroticism to your partner

Sex therapy is psychotherapy from a trained professional who has experience working with patients around sexual issues. Sexuality is expansive and involves all of you, although often Americans think of sex as hetero-normative intercourse. It simply isn't so isolated or limited. EMBODIED PRESENCE in life increases your aliveness in that you are more in tune with the sensual, with your senses, and that which feels enlivening to you. You can tap into all of you, which makes sexuality - being alive in your body - absolutely powerful!


Sexual wholeness (when your heart, mind, spirit, and body are engaged, present, and cared for by yourself) is not celebrated nor treasured in American culture; rather, sexuality is more generally sectioned off from the whole person, exploited and also considered shameful. These extremes miss the truth about sexuality: it is a portal into being and understanding yourself on a very personal level.

Intimacy in sex has more to do with revealing new aspects of yourself to your partner. It's less about specific areas of your body, and more about being known and seen by an important person to you - and living into new meanings and aspects of yourself that you are wanting to experience. Connected sex is powerful and often you have to grow the capacity to tolerate really being seen!